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Do you lose business because you have a poor sales & follow up approach for potential clients?

Does your sales approach require you to personally engage with your prospects at each step?

Is the money you spend on lead generation going to waste because you’re dealing with cold unqualified leads?

Answered yes to these questions?


The good news is, you're not on your own.

The vast majority of marketing agencies don't have any effective sales processes or systems in place.

Even when they are already generating leads and getting some success in client acquisition.


IN FACT: Over 50% of active small businesses don't have a sales process.

On top of that, a whopping 68% of salespeople do not follow or effectively utilise a sales process, even when the business has one in place.

It's also been proven that over 90% of businesses that follow a guided sales process, end up a top performer in their respective industry.

So you can see how this is a major problem for small business owners who are trying to scale.

Especially if we consider the time and money small business owners invest in their marketing, to attract their ideal clients.


Why haven't more small service providers adopted a sales process?

Well the answer to that, is quite simply, in most situations, because the sales activity is still being looked after by the business owner.

This is normally how most agencies start, with the owner bringing in clients, but, without a way to remove themselves from this responsibility, they can end up stuck with a sales job in their own business.


That's a big bottleneck that's hard to overcome...

...when an agency owner is looking to bring in more of their ideal clients consistently, as they also have a responsibility to balance their time with finance, marketing, operations, client fulfilment, etc, etc.

So, what are the underlying reasons why most agency owners would continue like this?


It's still 'the norm' for agency owners to sell their services

Most agency owners still look after their own sales, in their own style, regardless if they have a team around them...

As they usually started out on their own...

So they had to sell...

Then they got good at it...

The problem with this approach, is that the owner ends up stuck in a sales role, but with limited capacity.

That makes it difficult to attract/retain salespeople or grow a sales team - EVEN when they have processes and systems in place for generating leads.


Turning sales into a process isn't easy.

Most agency owners who already have clients, know how to sell (whether that’s a natural skillset or learnt/invested in over time).

A marketing agency would also have systems and processes in place to support their own marketing, finance and client fulfilment.

So why wouldn't they have a sales process & system to match?

For starters, there isn't a lot of education out there about effective sales process that's relevant to smaller businesses.

Most agencies require a tailored strategy for their industry and type of client.  It's not a one size fits all solution.

PLUS there is a huge risk from investing lots of time & money into new technology, hiring staff, training, etc - when ROI doesn't come through quickly to cover increased costs.


You need the right Mindset

This might strike a nerve with some, but having worked with many types of business owners in multiple industries over the last 10 years, my experience has led me to accept...

Some people just aren't willing to change.

MANY want to improve their situation, achieve new goals, get better results...

However, FEW are willing to take a different approach to get a different result.

Successful business owners typically change direction many times to find the right path, and are always looking for a better/faster way to get them there.

Being out your comfort zone, is often when the magic happens.  The issue for many, is that being out their comfort zone causes overwhelm and panic.

The Good News Is - We Can Help

ServeToSell helps service marketing agencies transform their sales process, so they can consistently serve more of their perfect perfect clients at scale. These are the three steps we work through:


WHY: Strategy and tactics are often confused.  For a sales process to work, there needs to be alignment to the business goals and clear measurable outcomes in place.

HOW: Identifying the right approach to selling that best serves the client, offers them the right solution and ensures it’s the right fit for both parties, so sales becomes leadership and this theme runs throughout all the necessary touch points in a working process


WHY: Technology makes salespeople's lives easier and helps to support consistent growth (when correctly installed into a business).

HOW: Ensuring the right tools are implemented at each step of the process, to take out as much manual activity and save time.  Automating lead qualification and follow up, to ensure no potential buyer ever slips through the cracks, whilst still giving the client a great experience.


WHY: Creating the right mindset and culture around sales is key to long term growth, to ensure everyone in the business believes in the true value of sales leading the client to the right outcome. 

HOW:  Building out a step-by-step roadmap that anyone in the agency can follow to consistently progress sales conversations, not having to overwork or outperform, but comfortably & confidently bring in their perfect clients - who in turn will love the experience.

Here's What To Do Next...

If you want to learn how to get your agency to a level you have been unable to achieve from your current (predominantly manual) sales activity - then book a call with us so we can review your current approach and provide some clarity on the best way forward:

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Here's what one of our recent client thinks:

“Even though I am in the early stages of the process of turning the mentoring I already do into a scalable business (6 weeks in at time of writing), it’s making me take this new business more seriously.  The level of detail you go into is painful for me but is also incredibly easy to understand, as we work step by step together.

I had a few clients already through word of mouth, but since we tested the process I've already converted 3 perfect new clients to my new premium £6k+VAT package, who had never heard of me before, PLUS I got offered £1500 to speak at an event which was going to have 20-30 of my ideal clients in attendance!

The main benefit of working with Nick and the team is that when you watch something it grows. They give me that accountability. I was looking for an effective process for this business to scale, they have given me that process by helping me do it one step at a time, all whilst still juggling family and another business."

 Geeta Sidhu-Robb - CEO of Nosh Detox Ltd


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