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Our Mission

Is to transform lead-gen & sales processes for 1000 high growth marketing agencies - so the owners can transition out of day-to-day involvement in getting clients (which is often the real bottleneck in scaling their business).


Hi, I'm Nick Hill, founder of ServeToSell, and I’m passionate about two things in business:
1. Processes:
(Having a Local Authority, Project Management and Engineering background to thank for this)
As they’re fundamental for growing a long term scalable business.
However, most client focussed businesses I’ve worked with over the last 10 years, put most of their energy into their marketing, but rarely look at their sales process.
An ineffective sales process can really hold a business back from further growth, even if they are already converting clients and delivering results.
2. Happy clients:
Clients having a great experience from their first interaction in signing up, through to receiving the result/solution they were promised, is a priority I believe all businesses should be focussed on, IF they want to become the best in their industry.
This might sound obvious, but in my experience, marketing (creating demand for problem) and sales (leading client to the right solution) cannot scale a business without great service (taking a client from stuck to unstuck).

When I co-founded the UK's leading Client Acquisition Training Company,

I met and spoke to literally hundreds of business owners who struggled with the same problems in their approach to scaling their new client acquisition effectively & consistently.

Wanting to help further in this area, I then dedicated 2 years working closely with a small group of private clients, where we identified 3 core issues that were affecting their sales process:



Not being able to contact new potential clients quickly enough, as busy running the business and the onus on them as the business owner to do it.



Not having the right tech in place to support a process that aligns to their ideal clients preferred buying journey.  Not having simple automation in place for following up with good conversations, warming up leads, qualifying prospects, etc.



Not delegating or outsourcing their sales due to a fear of letting go.  They had hired salespeople before, but didn’t have the right processes in place for them to make a flying start.  


Is to help you create the confidence, clarity and control over how you grow and scale your sales process.

We want your business to be able to bring in your perfect clients, but without you being the sole salesperson. 

We also want to help your business implement a systemised approach (without losing the human touch) to all sales activity through a proven roadmap, whether that be handling new enquiries, maximising referrals or offering more services to existing clients.


We are going to do this by:


Sharing our best content to help you build a solid foundation in effectively selling through service, via proven systems & processes for client attraction and conversion.

This starts with us sharing how we've done exactly that with clients and in our other coaching, training and consulting businesses, as well as sharing what's working & what's not working to grow and scale ServeToSell.

"Our real passion, is helping marketing agencies create sales processes geared up for long term scale, so the owner can transition out of day-to-day involvement in getting clients (which is the often the real bottleneck in scaling their business)."

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Our Core Values

We will never be anything other than honest with the people we help. Like everyone, we sometimes wish to protect people’s feelings, but if someone asks us a direct question we will always be truthful.

We will always respect people’s time, beliefs and persuasions as much as we respect our own. We expect the same from our clients and customers.

Whether it be committing time to a client, colleague, friend or family, we will always give 100% and do our absolute best.

We truly believe the best way to grow a successful business and build long term relationships, is by giving value up front where we can, to the best of our ability, in all parts of our business.

Our passion is to get client success, this is what drives our business and motivates us to do what we do.  We will always aim to under-promise and over-deliver with our clients and customers.


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